Best European travel destinations – What we liked most (so far)

Europe is certainly a great continent when it comes to traveling. On the one hand the distances you have to cover between the different countries are relatively short but on the other hand the culture, mentalities, climate and vegetation vary a lot. You can hardly make anything wrong when you are traveling in Europe. Every country has its own charm and it is pretty safe almost everywhere. As there are so many different places one can visit we have just picked out some of the best European travel destinations we have been so far. That does certainly not mean that other destinations are not worth visiting but we didn’t have the chance to go everywhere (so far).

Austria – Our home!

Being Austrians we would highly recommend everyone to visit our beautiful country. You have the Alps and glaciers in the west, wine regions in the south and east, many beautiful cities to visit like our capital Vienna, Salzburg (the city of Mozart), Innsbruck or Graz, national parks and the river Danube that is – amongst others – an excellent bike route. Austria is an easy country to travel, it is rather small, we have a great cuisine, a long history, an incredible landscape and much more to offer!

The North – Lovely Scandinavia

The countries we have visited more extensively in the north so far are Sweden and Denmark. They are certainly worth a visit and we think it was not the last time we went there. We have been to Stockholm and the west coast of Sweden as well as in Copenhagen. The two capitals (Stockholm and Copenhagen) are really awesome and we recommend everyone to visit them. The best time to visit is certainly the European summer or the months between May and September. Weather conditions can get really rough and cold up there in the north but in those months you may get the chance to experience sunny periods and pleasant temperatures. The cuisine in the north is mainly dominated by fish and seafood but there are also other traditional dishes (like the typical Swedish “Köttbullar”) you should try in any case. Getting around in Scandinavia should be pretty easy (we used the train service) and does not require a lot of planning and organizing.

Both cities offer a massive amount of attraction and sights. There is certainly something for everyone! You can get around there quite easy by public transport, by bike (Copenhagen is known as a bike city) or you can just walk around and enjoy the impressions.

The Scandinavian countries are not known for being cheap, Norway – for example – is most likely one of the most expensive – probably worldwide. If you want to save money you should consider staying at a Youth hostel, a budget hotel or with an Airbnb host. There should be plenty of opportunities for that and we did that as well.

The south – Sun, sea and excellent food

Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece, and so on – you cannot do anything wrong – no matter which country you chose. We love the Mediterranean climate, the sea and the easy attitude towards life of the people in the south of Europe. All of these countries offer a fast variety of excellent local food, a beautiful landscape (and shoreline) and nearly everything else you wish to have. Croatia is very nice as well!

For city breaks we prefer Italy and Spain – Barcelona, Florence, Pisa, Verona – just to mention a few.

Here – again – the best traveling time may be the summer months (including late spring and early autumn), but that depends on what you are planning to do. We prefer good and warm weather in any case 😉

It is beautiful virtually everywhere down there in the south of Europe. What we like most of what we have already seen so far and what therefore are our best destination tips:

  • Wonderful Algarve in Portugal
  • Scenic Verona for a city break in Italy
  • The beautiful Greek Cyclades for island hoppers
  • The amazing coastline of Liguria

Exciting cities – Everywhere in Europe

There are so many exciting cities to visit that we do not even know where to start with. Besides the cities already mentioned in this article, London – for example – is a great place to visit, full of amazing historic sights, pubs, attractions and so on. We have never met anyone who said that he or she didn’t like it!

I liked Dublin – more than my wife – probably because of the high concentration of pubs and the world-famous Guinness 😉

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is also a city you shouldn’t miss.

There are so many other cities worth visiting – like Amsterdam, Lisbon, Athens, Prague – just to mention a few of them. Going into much more detail about them would by far go beyond the scope of this article intended to point out some most exciting places we have visited in Europe so far and to whet your appetite 🙂

What is (amongst others) still on our bucket list – and probably should be on yours as well

We have not performed such extensive traveling in the east so far but what we can say is that Prague and Bratislava (two lovely cities we have already been to) are certainly worth a visit. What we would say is that Eastern European countries may be a pretty good destination for city breaks in general. The former European Eastern bloc countries have rapidly picked up in terms of economic and infrastructural progress but are still (a lot) cheaper what certainly makes them very attractive for visitors.

A continent that offers (almost) everything

As already stated at the beginning, Europe is always worth a travel, no matter if you are looking for exciting city life to explore, stay at the seaside, spend your winter holidays (there are plenty of excellent skiing resorts), go hiking or biking or are looking for some lessons in history. There is so much to see and ever city or region would certainly fill books. This article should give you a first impression of what you can do here. We hope you liked it and would appreciate if you left a post on this article or a question below in the comments – we would be more than happy to answer any of your questions or just hear what are your best European travel destinations.

2 thoughts on “Best European travel destinations – What we liked most (so far)

  1. Lots of tips here for places to visit!
    The photos are very enticing.
    I love city trips and exploring different cultures, some of my favourite cities are Amsterdam and Copenhagen. I like beach holidays too if I can also find plenty to do as well.
    Greece sounds lovely, never been there.
    Your tips are great for anyone looking for a holiday destination but also its good for readers who, like me, enjoy reading about about different destinations.

    Great Stuff!
    Happy Traveliing

    1. Hello Louise, thank you for your comment. You are right, Amsterdam is very nice, indeed. If you have never been to Greece I would highly recommend it to you. I have been there a dozen times or so … stopped counting … and it is still a place we love to go back again. So much to see! Always had a great time there. I hope you have the chance to get there soon! 🙂
      All the best, Markus

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